No Need to 'SUB PLZ'

Many international fans request translated subtitles for content
from global creators, but this request often go unanswered.
As the leading new media translation company in South Korea,
we've devised a structure that benefits both fans and creators.

Simply Share a Video Link to Us
We'll Handle the Rest

-from presenting an enticing offer to creators
for translated subtitles to delivering your fan message.

Every week, we gift free translated subtitles to a lucky creator

How does it work? 🧐

1️⃣ Fill in the form to get started.

2️⃣ Tell us your favorite
YouTuber/content creator.

3️⃣ Leave a fan message for your favorite content creator

4️⃣ On your behalf, Jamake sends a $100 subtitle translation coupon
with your fan message

Jamake’s vision is to break language barriers for global fans
and assist creators in reaching a broader audience